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“The New Lipids from the Arctic”

White Paper by Alice Marie Pedersen, PhD

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Calanus AS is the exclusive manufacturer of Calanus® Oil – The most sustainable marine omega-3 source available. It is derived from the marine zooplankter Calanus finmarchicus, sustainably harvested from the cold, pristine waters off the coast of North-Norway.

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Our products

We deliver gently processed ingredients with high nutritional value and unique functional properties.
Calanus® Hydrolysate



Natural starter and specialty feed ingredient to marine fish and shrimp, improving growth and survival. Serves as an excellent palatability enhancer at low inclusion in premium pet food, treats, supplements and pharmaceuticals.

Test tube with Calanus Oil



A new type of ecologically responsible and sustainable omega-3 for humans. Gentle and solvent-free processing ensures the Arctic freshness. Naturally high Astaxanthin levels and the unique wax ester form make Calanus® oil more beneficial than othe omega-3s and is perfect for differentiating your product line.

Calanus® Powder



An optimal feed ingredient for post-larval shrimp and broodstock. Calanus® Powder contains proteins, peptides and free amino acids, oil, astaxanthin and chitin. Benefits include increased growth, survival and pigmentation.

Clean and pure


The small crustacean Calanus finmarchicus is the most numerous animal species on the planet, and constitutes by far the largest harvestable biomass production in the productive Norwegian Sea.

Calanus finmarchicus is an herbivorous zooplankter with a one-year lifespan. It is a complete and pure energy and nutrient source in the marine food web, and serves as an excellent raw material for Arctic Marine Bioactives.

A glass with oli inside of it and another one with brown powder



In Calanus AS we work continuously to build a solid scientific basis for our 100% pure and natural products.
In collaboration with UiT The Arctic University of Norway and other scientific institutions in Norway and abroad, we conduct basic and applied research to support product development and regulatory approval. Research results are being published in peer reviewed scientific journals.
Preclinical and clinical trials with Calanus® Oil demonstrate effector mechanisms and health benefits beyond those found in ordinary omega-3s. Calanus® Oil could actually become an important part of the solution to the ever increasing incidence of metabolic syndrome associated with the unhealthy lifestyle and obesity development in the Western world. Increased glucose tolerance, reduced deposition of intra-abdominal fat and increased oxygen uptake are some of the effects that have been documented, and that are currently being further investigated in several human clinical trials.


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